Ben Sloan | Then On Out Into a Cloudless Sky

Then On Out Into a Cloudless Sky. Poems by Ben Sloan. Number 11 in Volume 5 of our Rane Arroyo Series.

Release date: July 10, 2023 [100 copies]
ISBN 978-1-960693-04-4
25 pages 

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bio and a sample poem.

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John Michael Flynn said...

In Ben Sloan's second chapbook of poems, he again writes, to quote from one of his poems, with "the word ENIGMATIC tattooed" between each of his lines.

These are poems grounded in history, real places, the crystalization of memory with what the senses bring to any moment, epiphanies that come with any short or long pause, as Ben writes in his poem, Enigma On A Train:
"I realize I have spent my entire life waiting
for something that was never going to arrive...."

These poems are deep and subtle and can be read over and again, bringing with each reading more nuanced ways of seeing and hearing, as Ben writes in How Ghosts Walk:
"A vague mist with a face
says, It is not too late for me."

You will not be disappointed. Ben has been a professor of English for over thirty years, committing himself to excellence in all his literary endeavors. I encourage anyone who enjoys poetry to read his work.