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Christine Klocek-Lim - News & Events:

March 2: Two of Christine's poems, "How to photograph the heart" and "How to search for aliens," have been nominated for the 3 Quarks Daily Prize in Arts & Literature. Click here to vote (until midnight on March 7) and see all the nominees.
For more news and information about Christine and her work, please visit her web site at http://www.novembersky.com/.
Thursday, February 25: The book of small treasures will officially be released on March 1st. Please join us in congratulating Christine on her publication!
Wednesday, July 22: We're delighted to announce that Christine's The book of small treasures, a finalist in the 2008 Keystone Chapbook Series, will be published this December as Number 5 in our Editor's Series! Stay tuned for more information about Christine and her work.

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